Animating with jQuery

I was approached a few months ago by our company’s marketing team, asking for some sort of animated graphic to put on the company website. They were thinking a gif would look interesting and eye-catching to users. They weren’t wrong, but the concept in my head didn’t read ‘tech-savvy’.

I told the head of marketing, we were not putting an animated gif or flash on the site. I told her, we will make this with pure js, css, html. I knew it was possible, I just didn’t really know how to approach this. I started conceptualizing what sort of effects would be needed or desired. I have waited so long to find a reason to use the .animate jQuery feature and finally, I got to! Check out the animated graphic I made for This is just the beginning 😉 Have any suggestions or ideas, comment below. I always like taking on new challenges.

Background information: Libercus is a content-first management system, which allows for developing content for both print and web all in the same system.

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