Tech savvy vs. User-friendly

Tech savvy and user-friendly are terms that should be used collectively, but instead get thrown around in the hopes of progressing the ever-growing “Web 2.0”. As a designer, I pride myself on creating new ideas, and applying those ideas into something I create.

Design is not about all the gloss or gradients. Design is about concise and strategical placement of words, symbols and color. It’s no wonder that Google’s simplicity has progressed throughout other mediums of communication, but has also been a benchmark through which others aspire.

Despite popular belief, being a trend-setter is not about “keeping up with the times” or providing users with what they believe they need.  Instead, being an innovator of design is about providing the best and flawless user-experience.

Having analyzed three newspapers side-by-side, I have concluded the following:

New York Times
Mobile Site: Information Overload
App: Too slow, Tasteless design

Mobile Site: Slow, easy-to-read, good structure
App: Clean design, fast response, but you might want to rethink ad placement

Mobile Site: Being an international news source, site is scarce on information, rethink outdated design
App: Love the customizable news filter, fast response, good multimedia tie-in

BBC was by far the best user experience for me. It provided the best design not only to look at, but to interact with.

I picked these papers because they were not only some of the most popular news sources, but also because, these papers are made up of regular people as well. Design is about passion and persistence.

Design is not to be dictated by trends. The best user experience is a simple one – design concisely.

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